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11th August 2022 

Privacy Policy – Hal Satterthwaite - CBT Therapy Clinic
In line with current Data Protection legislation and best practice, I need to inform you what data I will collect and how it will be used.

In order to work effectively with you I will need to record some personal information such as your name and contact details. These will be deleted after your treatment is all concluded. In case you contact me in the future in any distress, I will retain a copy of your initials, date and birth and GP contact details. If you consent to recording, I will make recordings of our sessions and will keep these on an encrypted and passworded secure disk. I may take some brief notes on our sessions as they proceed in order to help me remember basic details between sessions. These will be entirely anonymised and will not contain any personal identifying details.

I request GP details at the beginning of therapy and like to inform your GP that you are in treatment here. I do not however pass any other information to your GP unless there is a pressing medical need to do so (e.g. an insulin dependent diabetic deliberately not taking insulin in order to harm themselves). I discuss cases with my professional supervisor, but when I do so I entirely anonymise the information so that no personally identifying data is disclosed.

Other than the above nothing you tell me leaves the therapy office. There are just two exceptions to this rule: firstly if you tell me anything which makes me feel you are actively at risk to yourself or someone else; secondly if you tell me anything about child abuse, even if was many years ago, even if did not directly involve yourself, I would have to let somebody know.

All data relating to therapy is held securely on encrypted and passworded disks.